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Tuesday, April 15th, 2014


How ya doin'?

No, you did not read that wrong: after some 3+ years in hiatus, the comic IS returning in TWO MONTHS. I'll be restarting Chapter 14 thanks to the hiatus coming at a particularly bad time in the story, and the comic will update every Monday. Why not M-W-F like it used to? That will be explained further with the first June update. In the meantime, with the pages I've been working on the buffer currently extends to early February, so missed updates won't be an issue for a long time. Further, now that I've implended ComicPress with the site (which will go live at the beginning of June) the auto updating will make things a lot easier on me, which means more time to work on comic stuffs.

One reason the return has taken so long is because of the other things I've been working on, namely a revamped, dusting off that old URL I've always owned and giving it a real purpose. I will also be launching a new comic in August called "Toshokan Anime Club," which will update five days a week and serve as my primary comic (now that "Blue Sky" is winding down).

I have other projects (mini-series and other) in the works as well, another reason for the long wait. I'm hoping to have release dates for them in a few months.

So if you're still here... thanks for sticking around! Time to be rewarded for your loyalty. If you left, it's a good time to come back as I have a lot of new content planned for you guys.


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